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Steve's Sailing Pages

Here is a rarely updated site of information that hopefully will be helpful to anyone who reads it. As I've researched different projects and upgrades, I have been indebted to those who have provided useful information. This is my way of paying it forward.

I currently own a Sea Pearl 21, which is just a fantastic sailboat. Sometimes something will just strike a chord that suits you perfectly, and I would have to say that this sailboat is it. I've chronicled the selection and buying process, and then I've put together a page of upgrades that I've done. Hopefully I'll keep up with some of the trips we've taken, but I'm not promising anything.  

I've also kept a page on my Capri 18 that I used to own. I really enjoyed that boat, and I still enjoy the contributors to the Yahoo C18 pages who still own there C18. Hopefully anyone owning or wishing to own a C18 can learn something here.

And I can't forget my Farmall BN tractor. It doesn't have much to do with sailing, but I do use it to jockey boats around the yard, and let's face it......My wife thinks my tractor is sexy (or at least I keep telling myself that!).

Finally, the Links page lists some of my favorite sailing and other sites.


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