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General Sailing Links

Small Craft Advisor magazine. One of my favorite magazines. Be sure to check Steve Haines's blog.

Good Old Boat. My other favorite magazine. Someday when I decide I want another big boat, all that knowledge is going to come in handy.

TrailerSailor discussion board. This site has been the source of many answered questions. If your boat travels behind your vehicle, the answers are here. They also have a great chandlery, with really good prices.

messing-about.com  The name says it all.

C-ME sales. This is a small family run business in Buffalo, NY. Shipments are prompt, and prices are really good. The website a little clunky, but just call them if you can't find what you want.

Sea Pearl 21

Marine Concepts The manufacturer of the Sea Pearl 21 and Sea Pearl 21 Trimaran. The owner Jim Leet is a really nice guy, and can build you a new boat, or the get you the parts you need.

The Sea Pearl Mailing List This yahoo group can answer anything you ask and more about the Sea Pearl and about anything else.

www.seapearlboats.org This is a really nice site with quite a bit of Sea Pearl info and some great images.

Capri 18

The Catalina 18 National Association. Lots of C18 stuff here.

Yahoo Cat18Owners Specific to just C18 owners.

Catalina Direct. Lots of stuff from the Capri 22 and Catalina 22 fit the Catalina 18. Prices are good, delivery has been so-so.

Tractor Stuff.

Yesterdays Tractors. This is a treasure chest of information. Use the archives to find answers to just about any question regarding old tractors.

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